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   ChessBase News
   ChessNinja - newsletters, The Daily Dirt
   The Week in Chess - with many games available for download
   Chess Cafe - lots of monthly columns on various topics
   Jeremy Silman - news, opening analysis, etc - ajedrez en Venezuela
   Ajedrez Vino Tinto - ajedrez en Venezuela
   Ajedrez en Madrid

Chess Federations
   FIDE - the World Chess Federation
   The US Chess Federation
   Federacion Venezolana de Ajedrez
   Federación Española de Ajedrez
   Federación Madrileña de Ajedrez
   Rhode Island Chess Association
   Maryland Chess Association
   Chess Players United

   Cranston-Warwick Chess Club - I started this club in February of 2005; seems to be doing ok
   La Corrala - Lavapies - el club al que pertenecí en Madrid
   Arlington Chess Club - where I used to play when I lived in Virginia
   Denver Chess Club - where I used to play in Colorado

   Adam's Opening Statistics and Samples

Positions, middlegame and tactics
   ChessBase's Online Database - with search by position, players, etc
   ChessLab's Position Search

   Logical Chess - tutorials, problems, and endgame tablebase consultation


   Wholesale Chess
   USCF Store
   Your Move Games
   La Casa del Ajedrez - in Madrid

Equipment manufacturers
   DGT Projects - makers of the DGT FIDE clock and the DGT electronic chess board

   Everyman Chess - publishers of Kasparov's series, My Great Predecessors
   British Chess Magazine
   Chess Informant
   Peon de Rey
   New in Chess

Internet Chess Servers (ICS)
   FICS - the Free ICS

Web Chess Servers - superb site with real-time and turn-based play, lessons, tactics workout, and an openings browser
   GameKnot - a correspondence chess site
   Chess Tactics Server

   Winboard - a great interface to both ICS and chess engines
   En Passant - links to pgn utilities
   PGN Web Editor - a handy way to edit your games on the web
   JBF Software - home of Montreux, a web game display tool
   MyChessViewer - Java applet for viewing games; source code available; I use it to display my personal games below... I have fixed some bugs it had, if you want the fixed classes, contact me

Tournament Directing
   Vega - a great pairing program; it can create USCF reports for submission
   SwissSys - very good program but more expensive
   WinTD - another good program
   SwissPerfect - a tournament pairing tool; has info on tie-breaking methods

Rating / ELO
   Rating Theory - interesting read

Chess Engines
   Crafty - a strong free chess engine to analyze or play; source code available...
   ChessBase - makers of Deep Fritz and ChessBase; a ChessBase "Light" version is available for download
   WBEC Ridderkerk - info on different engines, as well as regular tournaments to test them

Computer Programming
   The PGN Standard - a local copy of the format specification
   Proposal for extending PGN - to accomodate clock times

   My USCF rating
   Mi ELO Español (buscar gonzalez silen)

My Games
   Luis' USCF regular games
   Luis' 2001-2002 games as a team member in the Liga Madrileña
   Luis' 2002-2003 games in the Liga Madrileña
   Luis' 2002 games in the Campeonato Individual Madrileño - Fase Previa

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